Windows Artwork


The South Windows

 A series of seven stained glass windows grace the south wall of the church.  In these windows. the story of the Redemption, the theme of St. Mary Church, is reflected once again through the visual artwork that one finds throughout the church.


1. The story of the Redemption begins with Creation. This first window shows the creation of the world and the fall of man:  the need for Redemption.

2. The promise of Redemption is depicted with prophets sent by God to keep alive man's hope until the time when the Holy Spirit overshadows Our Lady and her Divine Son is conceived in her womb.

3. The coming of the Redeemer is noted by the star of Bethlehem and Christ at work sewing the seeds of the Gospel. 

4. Redemption is accomplished.  Christ suffers and dies on the cross and then rises from the dead triumphantly.

5. The Continuing of the Redemption:  the Church. The Holy Spirit descends on the Apostles so that they might carry on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

6. The Gospels are the means by which Christ's work continues. The four evangelists are symbolized as: Matthew by a man, Luke by the ox, Mark by the lion and John by the eagle.

7. Redemption today is represented by the saints in heaven who have sown the seeds of the Gospel, surround Christ reigning gloriously in heaven with the Holy Spirit shown guiding the Church represented by the seven sacraments.