Narthex Saints Artwork

On the screen separating the nave of the church from the narthex are six colorful representations of saints, designed by Jackson Woolley.


St. Francis saw in all nature the greatness and goodness of God, is shown with the sun for a halo and the birds as his companions.

St. Patrick with fire signifying the Faith be brought to Ireland and the shamrock, his means of explaining the Holy Trinity.

St.  Paul  is  shown with firewood recalling his shipwreck and survival on Malta where he was believed sent from God  (Acts 28).      

St.  Peter  the fisherman,with his net and the key of authority around his neck showing that he became a "fisher of men".

Jeremias  the prophet, with a potter's vessel broken at this feet, reminds us to obey God Who has the power to create us and smash us like a vessel of clay.

Moses holding the tablets of the Law.