Church of St. Mary History

Since 1946, when preparatory work for our parish began, the grace of God and the spirit of the people of St. Mary's have led this parish forward to become a community of over 1000 families.  Through the efforts of 3 Bishops, 6 Pastors, 15 Associate Pastors, 2 Deacons, over 50 Presentation Nuns,  countless staff and parishioners, St. Mary Church flourishes.


The generosity of our parishioners has made it possible to steadily add structures to our parish campus, to assist us in our mission of serving God and the people of God.  

Our various facilities were first utilized:

1947 - the WWII Chapel Church

1950 - the school

1951 - the convent

1951 - the gymnasium

1954 - the rectory

1958 - the church

1959 - a school addition

1962 - a convent addition

1983 - school offices addition

1995 - the parish hall 

The exterior of St. Mary's presents simple, austere lines.  

It's brick is warm-hued however, and the Winona travertine from the Biesanz quarries adds further to the beauty of the church.  The porch, pleasing to the eye and eminently useful; the simple majesty of the tower and it's bells; the reflecting pool and the statue of Our Lady add grace and beauty to the House of God. 

The floor of the pool presents an abstract mosaic of fish and nets, suggesting the continuing missionary effort of the church, for the apostles were told that they must be fishers of men.

On the facade of the church are three crosses, initiating a theme that will be considered again within the church:  the Redemption.